Engrain DevOps Proficiency

Kubernetes & CI / CD

DevOps - drive the state of complete harmony across Business , Development & Operations.

Your Goal should not be just "Reduce Lead / Cycle Time", but "Align Release Value to continuously improve Business Outcome".

SarvaTech as a DevOps Consultant & Solution Architect are committed to Secured DevOps Automation & instill Intelligence to continuously improve Business Value of Software.

History of DevOps

"We are practicing DevOps for few years". That is the statement you hear some times.

Many organizations started DevOps journey over the years & some are yet thinking of it. SarvaTech team has been continuously maturing this journey for few organizations.

Though it's difficult to list exact history, DevOps as a Paradigm is in partial existence since few years. ITIL's Application Management Function and Service Design / Service Transition in ITSM demands better collaboration between Development and Operations.

While many Telecom Providers adopted work-flow driven approach for Project Change Request Management, few large organization also introduced Automation tools like "Provisioning Manager" to drive effective ITSM implementation. "IT LifeCycle Management" was another attempt to address these transactional dimentions of DevOps.

DevOps - Continuous Re-engineering of Software as a Business Sub-Process

DevOps is NOT just an integrated approach for Development and Operations. One needs Systems-Thinking to reduce deployment overhead & feedback latency.

SarvaTech considers DevOps as both Software and Systems Engineering approach to accelerate value with rightsized binding of Business, Development and Operations. With this, you need to instill "Production First" / "Value First" Mindset & evolve a culture of collaboration.

Let's unfold this further - as the Application / System Owner and CIO / CTO, assess:

    • How efficient and effective is your Software process – i.e. Product Change Request Management, Product Release Management, Delivery & Go-Live Readiness, Deployment, Migration, Acceptance and Maintenance of Software?

Difficult to answer? May be you are thinking in Silos.

Consider one of your System or a Software Product and, probe / assess:

    • How Business, Development and Operations collaborate to drive successful development, delivery, deployment, adoption, maintenance and evolution of this System / Software Product?

    • What is the impact of Business Agility on Development and Operations?

    • What are the measures to continuously improve the cost, time, effort & value of Software Delivery, Deployment and Operations ?

    • ....

Business Metaphors and Quantification of benefits is important. But, at SarvaTech we believe that every customer is different and so, we do share benefits only as we deliver & measure them for you.

SarvaTech's method to "Engrain DevOps Proficiency"

We are focussed to deliver 3 key benefits to strengthen Build / Delivery Pipeline & DevOps maturity:

  1. Engrain 'Application Management' -

    • IT arm of a large corporation demanded reduction in unplanned work / rework while keeping a tab on charge-back.

      • Today the goal is also to enhance value of minor and major releases.

    • SarvaTech is building the right rhythm in the IT organization with Workshops and Automation Services. Team's mindset is shifting from just delivery to "Value First".

      1. Question is not always a cost but the effective IT value. Introduction of Quality Gates is also driving benefits.

  1. Engrain 'Continuous Insights' - How good is your & product's feedback mechanism?

    • Establish “Continuous Quality” -

      • Value of Testing comes not just from the team's skills but also from effective Quality Gates, better Test Approaches, integration with Development & Valuable Feedback at each stage.

      • "Testing as a shared service is a good idea in current resource mix, but that should not work in Silo. Establish the effective next step in DevOps Maturity by further consolidating test services as Test CoE". These were the words from the Head (Corp. Coordination).

      • SarvaTech is enhancing the co-ordination and laying the foundation for Test CoE. The CoE is also reducing defect injection through early involvement of Quality Team to unfold user stories/scenarios, Dev-Box testing and periodic health checks.

      • "Continuous Quality" Practice enables helps Management with key actionable insight into project information.

    • Design & Implement “Test Early and Test Often”

      • To further enhance Continuous Insights, SarvaTech mentors, delivers and integrates Test Automation with your Continuous Integration tool.

      • Your readiness coupled with readiness of Application & Manual test cases is important for effective Test Automation. Test Automation is not just to save cost but improve feedback. Right Automation, Continuous Execution & Regular Maintenance is the key to successful Test Automation.

  2. Engrain 'Product and Release Planning' - Are you ready for next release?

    • SarvaTech team has a deep experience in Product and Release planning. Right selection of Product Requirements / Change Requests need to complemented by effective Product & Sprint Backlog during Development. Release value is further improved by instilling the culture of experimentation and continuous learning.